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What People are Saying About the Book

“Healthy Feet for People With Diabetes” is an excellent, informative and comprehensive resource guide for care of feet when you have diabetes. The format makes it easy to read and reference, and the tips and suggestions are easy to find and follow!”

Claire M. Blum, MS Ed, RN, CDE, Program Coordinator
Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care, Inc.

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“Cynthia Fleck picked my name at a recent WOCN meeting and the prize was your book! It is a wonderful book. The chapters contain just what the headings say they contain. It was so easy to find the information. The way the chapters are laid out is really clever. As an ‘oldster’ I truly appreciate the large font and different colors. I must warn you now, I will be ‘borrowing’ your clear way of presenting this material when I am working with my diabetic foot patients. I will also say that your frustration has produced a very helpful tool for the rest of us. Thank you so much for this valuable gift. This is a special Nurses Week!”
Colleen Cole, RN, MSN, CWON, Wound/Ostomy Specialist

“I am a Diabetes Specialist and found this book a great reminder and guide to how to care for your feet. I found myself wanting to give this book as a gift to people I know who are newly diagnosed. It has great Do and Don’t sections for each chapter on how to care for your feet. A must have, in my opinion, for anyone who has diabetes, cares for someone with diabetes, or works with people with diabetes. The feet are so important!”
Jamie White

“I am a registered dietitian/certified diabetes educator and always stress the importance of foot care with my clients. Too many people neglect this part of their self-care. Dr. Mark Hinkes’ book explains it all! Easy to read. Easy to understand. This book is a must read for all people dealing with diabetes.”
Rebecca Sutay, MS, RD, LDN, CDE

“As a non-diabetic patient who has suffered for nearly 15 years with painful neuropathy in my feet, I had very little understanding of what was happending to my feet, nor why. This amazing book helped to change that. It provides expert knowledge in easy-to-understand format; it is an informative, interesting, and wonderful book. Give it 10 minutes and you will not put it down!”
Everett Miller

“This is Dr. Hinkes 2nd book, and it is even better than the first! The large text and “Top Tips” makes this book easy and even fun to read. As a Podiatrist myself, I don’t always have the time to cover all the important topics in diabetic foot care and prevention during an office visit. Dr. Hinkes has managed to not only include all the information, but presented it in a very straightforward manner. The pictures are very helpful, and the book includes treatment options from the very basic to the latest advanced therapies. The resource list in the back is invaluable for even more information. This book is a must-read for anyone who has diabetes or caring for someone with foot problems.”
D. Farrer, DPM

“Healthy Feet For People with Diabetes is comprehensive guide to foot care for all individuals, young and old, with diabetes. The book is well written, nicely illustrated and easy to read. Dr. Hinkes includes helpful tips for healthy feet and for the prevention of serious foot complications.”
Dr. Lee J. Sanders

“Healthy Feet for People with Diabetes” is a book every diabetic should read. Prevention is the key to avoiding complications of diabetes, but often diabetics and their caregivers are not aware of what to do or what to watch for. This book is full of information that is easy to understand. The detailed index facilitates looking up specific information. There are also 8 pages of pertinent resources including websites. My favorite part of the book, however, is the numerous photos and drawings. There are spectacular, well-labeled clinical photos which can be especially helpful for a diabetic to know what to look for. I highly recommend this book.”
M. Manley

“I am a diabetic. This book is the very best book I have read on foot care. It is very easy to read with a wealth of information. Many questions I have thought of have been answered and much, much more. I highly recommnd this book as a must read for people with diabetes. You can truly avoid many painful and tragic consequences of poor foot care when you read this book. The pictures even take this book to a new level of safety in caring for your feet.”

“A friend who knows that I am pre-diabetic and have had foot issues sent this book to me as a gift. I think she was hoping that it would inspire me to take better care of myself. I must admit that some of the photos of foot problems were pretty scary. It’s hard to believe that could happen to me!
In fact, I honestly didn’t realize foot health could be impacted so much by having diabetes. The book was is very easy to follow, with good suggestions even if you do not have diabetes. I know I have to be pro-active and I am hoping this book is just the motivation I need.”

“I am a diabetic. This book contained practical advice and supplied information that I was previously unaware of. I would highly recommend this book to other diabetics.”

“For many years, I have been a caretaker for my husband, who has diabetes. With absolutely no reservation, I can tell you that Dr. Mark Hinkes book, Healthy Feet For People With Diabetes, can literally be a lifesaver. We have had to contend with ALMOST everything that he describes in his book, charcot foot, wound vacs, neuropathy, abscesses, to name a few. He has had a kidney transplant and a defribulator, all most likely brought on by diabetes, a horrendous disease. Dr. Hinkes book gives patients hope for the future, with innovative testing and procedural advice. The format and pictures make the verbiage extremely easy to follow and absorb for the layperson. The title should have been, Everything You Need To Know About Diabetic Foot Care, But Were Afraid To Ask!”
Marcy Kaufman

“Healthy feet for People with Diabetes” is an insightful “must read” resource for people living with diabetes and health care professionals working with them. What an informative and well written book with amazing pictures! Dr. Hinkes uses a clear and logical format to educate the reader. He does everything he can to help the reader have healthy feet. This is evident in the step-by-step method used to write the book. The reader receives self care education without intimidation from a concise, yet thorough resource. The large bold print is a reader considerate bonus. Well done Dr. Hinkes!”
Rosalind R. Atkins, MPH, RD, CDE

“I have been a diabetic for more than 10 years. This book provides an excellent resource for all those people needing answers for their foot care questions. Its easy to understand format encourages you to pick an area of concern and focus in on the best option for yourself. I recommend this book as a “must read” for people with diabetes who are looking for practical and detailed advice for protecting their feet.”
Alan Knieter

What people are saying about Dr. Hinkes.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding care that i was provided by Dr M. Hinkes. He could not have been more concerned, caring and knowledgeable. He gave me so much information and left me with a positive attitude to carry on with comments that he suggested. i have suffered from extreme pain in my feet and have been diagnosed and treated by a private podiatrist and other VApodiatrists. They left me with a very bleak outlook on the condition of my feet. i have learned to live with my pain.

Dr M. Hinkes listened to me. He actually made me feel that i would finally find some sort of relief in my foot pain. When i mention i suffered from pain in my knees, hip and back he was able give me insight on these issues. The treatment he gave me on that day has given me some pain relief. Again, i would like to express my appreciation for Dr. Hinkes, and thank you for hiring such a great asset to your facility.”


“I say this with the utmost sincerity, although we have never met, and are degrees apart : ) your passion to make a difference is evident, and please don’t ever under estimate your ripple effect! Thank you for taking the time…
I helped save a limb on one of our diabetics by reading your advice and recommendations (when no one else was making any headway.) The gentleman with the gouty ulcer I wrote you about is healed because you took the time to respond, and challenged me to think deeper, and look closer. It is invaluable to have access to your wealth of knowledge, just a keyboard away. This adds credence to the benefits of being LinkedIn, your mentoring from a far has made me a better wound care nurse.
Power on Dr. Mark !”


“As a diabetic, I have suffered with open wounds on my legs for the past 11 years. Most sores have taken more than a year to heal; my last one was black and smelled really nasty.

But I got lucky. I was finally sent to the VA Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, for treatment by Dr. Mark Hinkes and his nurse, Franz, who introduced me to 21st century techniques for healing. They cleaned and removed infected areas of my wounds; used skin from the umbilical cord of a calf for a skin graft; and employed machines that emitted liquids in spray and mist form to remove all of the yellow infection and save new growth. I was prescribed air compression boots to control fluid build—up and accompanying swelling.

With weekly cleaning and regular treatments, I am making great progress. My pain level has gone from unbearable to tolerable. With fluid circulation maintained in my legs, I have hair again for the first time in nine years. I can see and feel the healing process at work.

My sincerest thanks to the VA and their great staff whose kindness and knowledge is making a major difference in my life. This Christmas, I know that I will be able to do a lot more with my grandchildren, and won’t have to say, ‘No, I can’t.” Because now, I CAN.

Thanks for giving me my life back.”
Tony Davis

“Since coming home from Viet Nam, I have had trouble with my feet. Callouses developed so bad that it was painful to walk, especially to stand at my job all day. Since 1972, I have seen Podiatrists who treated me with bone removal, scraping and cutting. There was no remedy, the keratosis would just move to a new place on my foot. My saving grace was when the Nashville V.A. put me in the care of Dr. Mark Hinkes. My condition improved with each visit. At this time, I have complete relief and the callouses are gone. I wear inserts in my shoes that provide comfort and keep the keratosis from returning. Dr. Mark has a famous reputation around the V.A. for being the best with Diabetic treatment, and preventing amputation due to diabetes. He has become a friend to me, I look forward to my appointments because he is a very compassionate person.”

– One happy patient, Roger Singleton

“I just want to thank u for the pleasant visit! I have been walking around with one leg shorter then the other for a while now! Thanks to you we can correct this small situation! A year ago i
saw a podiatrist for my ingrown toenails and the pain in both my feet and nothing was done! What you done for me should have been done then. It’s good to have someone that generally
care about your feet like you care! I’m sure after I follow your advice on the care of my feet, like you said, I will be flying again!”

Thanks Dr. Mark Hinkes
– A happy patient and a fan, JIMMY CRAWFORD!

“It is very rare to find a physician as clinically competent and yet sincerely caring as Dr. Mark Hinkes, but I have found him to be much more than I expected or hoped. As a non-diabetic
patient who has suffered for nearly 15 years with painful neuropathy in my feet, I had nearly lost hope for any positive results. The inner-burning, if untreated, is very intense; but at the skin-level and outer layers of flesh in my feet, virtually all feeling is gone. Thus, ulcers and non-healing wounds can be common and seriously threatening. So when I was first scheduled to see Dr. Mark with a decaying ulcer under my left big toe — after having been treated by five other doctors for nearly six months with disappointing results — I had low expectations as just another exercise in futility. Or so I thought.

Fortunately, I could not have been more wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by his professional expertise and personable demeanor. Treating not only my neuropathic wounds but also several possible contributing factors, I saw immediate and lasting improvement. Now my ulcer is healed and I have a promising prognosis of mobility and excellent overall health. His book, ‘Healthy Feet,” provides expert knowledge in an easy-to-understand format; it is an
informative, interesting, and wonderful book. Though my neuropathy is mostly irreversible, the chances for getting any more severe wounds have been greatly reduced. I am confident that with Dr. Mark’s periodic oversight and ever-available care, my future health is very bright! Indeed, he is a physician whose empathy, sincerity, and professional skill is rare but extremely
valuable and much appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Mark, for investing your life into making ours so much more abundant!”

– Everett N. Miller, Legislative Systems Analyst (and Ph.D. candidate with Tennessee State University)

“The great thing about your book is that it is easy to read and understand, the font type, size, the layout, and the photos. Hurray for you it should be in every doctor’s office and made
available for people if only for a home reference guide. ”

AIva Sachs, Children’s Author

“Before I met Dr. Hinkes, I suffered with severe pain in both left and right feet. My first meeting with the Doctor, he examined both feet, and asked me several questions. He talked to me about what he felt would be a good strategy and explained the procedure to be taken. I have to say Dr. Hinkes made me feel very comfortable the whole time I was in his office. I wasn’t just a patient but he made me feel like an old friend. He did not rush me through a visit but took the time to explain everything in detail and answer all of my questions. As most of us know, it is very hard to find a doctor these days that isn’t in a hurry or treats you with any kind of compassion. I continue to see him for check ups and treatment and he still is that same doctor I meant on my first visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Hinkes to anyone I know….”

Daniel B. Waln

I am a 21-year combat Army veteran who went to see Dr. Hinkes at the Nashville VA to seek help for the chronic foot pain I’ve suffered for 15 years. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive. Thanks to him, I am able to enjoy life again. I can honestly say that he is the BEST Doctor I have ever visited at the VA. Please listen to him as he instructs you in your foot pain. I only wish I would have met him YEARS ago.

Edward Tyree

healthyfeetinsweden Healthy Feet in Sweeden. Dr. Sigrid Viklund.

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